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January 2015
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   I believe that one of our most important rights that we as Americans have is our ability to vote and in doing so we have a control our destiny – or we should have. For a number of years now residents of Mansfield have been simply putting up with what Hartford wants. Unless you toe the party line of your representatives, your calls, discussions and letters are not considered relevant. Worse yet, you, as a FlyerPhotoresident and taxpayer, have to ferret out any information on upcoming legislation and are never, ever consulted for your insight or input as a constituent.

   This must change. I am the Republican candidate for the 54th District in the State House of Representatives. I intend to return to a government "by the people" in Mansfield. I will represent you. You deserve no less. I plan to ask what you want. Then I plan to do it. I will be watching out for Mansfield first. Count on it!

   Please return often to these pages and see the latest updates to position papers and future plans when elected. And please remember that November 4th is Election Day here in Connecticut. I need your vote to win for all of us.

The Candidate

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