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July 2014
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The Candidate

I'm Ray Haddad and I am running as the Republican candidate for the Connecticut State Legislature, House of Representatives 54th Disctrict.. That includes most of the town of Mansfield with the areas of Storrs, Mansfield Center, Eagleville and Mansfield Depot within the district's borders.

I decided to run after being asked by the Republican Town Committee to consider a run for this position. Since before 1972, there has not been a Republican in this seat and the results of that are clearly visible. The people of Mansfield have not been represented by either local government or state government. The residents on CleanColorElephantthe south end of the town feel abandoned while the north end in Storrs has been overly burdened with projects that should have been the responsibility of the University of Connecticut and not the Mansfield taxpayers. Pleas at town meetings and to the state representatives have been ignored. It's time to put a stop to this disregard for your wishes. As much as the University of Connecticut is a vital institution in Mansfield, it should never have been allowed to dictate policy or make use of your tax dollars in the form of monetary expenditures that should be assigned by the residents of Mansfield.

Your opinions are paramount to me. I need to hear them. I refuse to operate in a vacuum without your direct contact regarding such important issues as how your tax dollars are spent. I will begin even now to gather your opinions on polls set up here to find out what is important to you, the residents of Mansfield. I am very interested in your ideas regarding the future of Mansfield. And because every resident of Mansfield is truly what makes up the town of Mansfield, I want to hear from as many of you as I can. Go to the Survey Page and give me your thoughts.

Your vote is very important to me. Please don't throw it away by voting for the same old thing. If you are tired of being told your opinions don't matter. Vote for me. I will never come back here and tell you that we just passed some additional regulations for you to pay for. I will review each and every new proposal and vote the wishes of my constituents every time. I will never make you pay for things that you don't want.